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compile lucidcoin

Alternativly, you can compile the lucidcoin project from source.
Click here to view the project on github. There you can follow the build instructions to compile the project.

what is lucid?

Lucid is a decentralised digital currency network.

Lucidcoins are digital coins you can send through the internet.

Compared to alternative digital currencies, Lucid has a number of advantages.

The lucidity of our service is crystal clear making digital banking simpler for everybody willing to transition to the future of banking.

The currency is exchanged person to person via the internet.

Cutting out the middle man means there are no fees in every transaction.

You can use Lucid in every country stimulating a global market place.

Your account cannot be frozen.

There are no hidden fees and it is 100% free to set up.

Using a Lucid takes the power and billion pound bonuses away from bankers.

How does it work?

Several currency exchanges exsist where you can buy and sell Lucidcoins for pounds, dollars, euros and more.

Your Lucidcoins are kept in your digital wallet on your computer or mobile device.

Sending currency is as simple as sending an email & you can purchase anything with Lucid.

The Lucid network is secured by individuals called minors, who are awarded currency for verifying transactions.

To verify a transaction a minor simply needs to have their computer or mobile device running.

Once the transactions are verified they are recorded in a public ledger, completely visable to anyone on the network.